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The first volume of the Forbidden Knowledge series, 'Viking Goddesses and Seeresses' have been released on

April 19, 2019

in e-book format.
It is available for purchase on:

The next step is to publish the English edition in printed format.
Publishing the Hungarian version is currently under negotiation with a Hungarian publisher.

The first book will be followed by the next one, 'Viking magic'.


We launched our English website in middle of January 2019. Our website was optimized for tablets and preparations of mobile phone version are in progress.

On the site we also disclose exclusive details from the book and additions that we found interesting during our research. At the request of our vwebsite visitors we just added a new webpage to the Encyclopedia about the Eddas.

About the books

In the Forbidden Knowledge series we follow the footprints of the mighty Old Norse goddesses and seeresses starting from the Poetic Edda and other old-Scandinavian manuscripts. In the second volume we demonstrate how magic worked in everyday life of the vikings. In the third book we give an overwiev how the knowledge of women has been changed from the first millennium to the witchhunt.

More detailed information about the volumes can be found clicking 'Our Books' in the left side menu.